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Main Street Market Food Truck/Food Tent Vendor

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Join us on Saturdays for the Main Street Market!

If you are a Food Truck, Food Tent, or On-the-Go Food Set-up, that is licensed to serve food to the public here is the sign-up to be a Food Truck/Tent Vendor at the Junction City Main Street Market. The initial fee is $15 (any additional space allotted comes with additional fees) and set-up is between 7-8 AM on Saturdays. The Market runs from 8:30-1:00 PM.   Submit an inquiry form and select weekends of availability. A Market representative will be in contact with you within 1-2 business days to coordinate scheduling.

The Market does not have electricity. You must provide your own source of electricity. Generators are encouraged to not be a noise nuisance. 

The mission of Main Street  Market is to:

  • Support our local agriculture and businesses by providing a space for direct-to-consumer sales.
  • Serve as a place to enjoy diverse food cuisine and diets embracing the cultural heritage of our community.
  • Bolster ongoing efforts for Junction City’s downtown revitalization creating economic opportunities for current and future downtown businesses.
  • Encourage cooperation from all sellers, buyers, and volunteers to make it a success, realizing the value of working together for economic progress.
  • Enrich the quality of life.
  1. Main Street Farmer’s Market is operated by Junction City Main Street, a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation.
  2. The Main Street Market Manager is an independent contractor, hired by Junction City Main Street, and will oversee the various components of Main Street Market including, but not limited to, the Farmer’s Market and the Maker’s Market.
  3. The Main Street Market Committee will strive to have representation of vendors from both the Farmer’s Market and the Maker’s Market, Junction City Main Street, and other community partners to provide open communication.
  4. The Farmer’s Market will work with the Junction City Main Street Market to update policies, increase sustainability, and evaluate programs.
  1. Submit Food Truck/Food Tent interest form online. Online registration is available at
  2. A Market representative will be in contact once a registration has been submitted to discuss Market details.
  3.  Once attendance is confirmed with a representative for a Market Day, attendees will have until Thursday at 5 pm to inform the Market Manager of any changes or absences from the Market.
  4. Comply with KS Department of Agriculture Farmers Market Regulations and Food Safety Best Practices MF3138 Foods Sold Direct to Consumers in Kansas: Regulations and Food Safety Best Practices ( and Geary County Health Department public health directives
  5. Vendors must have applicable licenses to sell ready-to-eat/hot or cold foods that fall outside of Cottage Food Laws.
  6. Use hand sanitizer, gloves, and/or handwashing stations before and frequently during the market
  7. Vendors are expected to be good ambassadors for the market. Use of tobacco, vaping, profane language, drugs, and alcohol consumption is not allowed. Socially acceptable behavior is expected. Selling techniques should be in good taste. Distracting or deterring customers from approaching another vendor’s stall is discouraged.
  8. Remain at the market until closing time (1:30 PM) to avoid safety hazards for customers and vendors. Exceptions will be kept to a minimum, should be discussed with and approved by the Market Manager, and will be assigned a space by the market manager to ensure safety in the market area.
  9. Bring their own tables, chairs, and display items. There is no electricity at the Market, therefore vendors must provide their own generator.
  10. Clean up their space and take any trash with them when they leave.
  11. Set their own prices but are strongly encouraged to remain competitive with other vendors.
  12. Communicate any questions, concerns, or constructive ideas to the Market Manager.
  1. The vendor map (or vendor communication) will be emailed to vendors by the end of Friday of each week for all vendors seasonal and weekly. If there are any questions the vendor is responsible for contacting the Market Manager prior to set-up.
  2. Set-up begins at 7:00 am each Saturday. Vendors should be set up no later than 8:00 am. If there is a need to set up at an earlier time, please coordinate this possibility with the Market Manager. Tear down begins at 1:30 PM (leaving early is discouraged and must be coordinated with a Market Representative)
  3. Booths must be within the space allowed and as directed by the Market Manager.
  4. Each vendor should maintain their sales area in a neat, clean, and orderly condition. All produce and products offered for sale should be displayed in a neat, clean, and attractive manner.
  5. Each vendor is responsible for their own property and any damage or injury their property may cause at the market.
  6. Each vendor must pay the applicable stall fees as follows:
    $25 for 3 parking stalls. Any additional stalls will be an additional fee and coordinated with Market Representatives.  For larger stalls, please call 785-210-5600.
  7.  Stall fees may be paid by cash or check or through the website by debit or credit card.  Payment may be made on the day of the Market at the Main Street Market booth. Checks are made payable to Junction City Main Street Market with Farmer’s Market written in the memo.  Checks may be dropped into the mailbox slot located at the Main Street office at 129 W 7th Street.
  8. Department of Revenue and Sales Tax Collection
    a. Vendors applying for space in the market must either have a Kansas States Sales Tax number prior to participating as a market vendor or be provided a temporary event tax permit upon arrival.
    b. The collection and submission of sales tax is the responsibility of each vendor selling produce, products, or food in the market and Junction City Main Street Market is not responsible for any vendor’s failure to collect and submit sales to the Kansas Department of Revenue.
After reading the Market mission, organization, rules & responsibilities, and stall set-up/fees please fill out an inquiry form. You will be contacted within 1-2 business days regarding your inquiry.
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