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Fort Riley

 Fort Riley Military Base

“From their very inception Junction City and Fort Riley have shared an inseparable and special bond. Throughout history the soldiers stationed at Fort Riley have answered the call and stood on point for this Nation. Armed with a deep understanding that no soldier serves alone and family members serve alongside those who go into harms way the citizens of Junction City have always seen it as a moral obligation and mission to support and protect the families of those stationed at Fort Riley. That special bond between Junction City and Fort Riley endures today as the grateful citizens of Junction City take great pride in wrapping their arms around and honoring the soldiers and families of those who protect our very freedom and liberties.”

LTG (R) Perry Wiggins

Big Red One Memorial in Heritage Park

Fort Riley (FR) KS Economic Impact Overview

  • FR is the largest employer in the Central Flint Hills Region (CFHR) and among the largest in the state of Kansas.
  • FR had a $1.86B direct economic impact to the CFHR and the state of Kansas.
  • Veterans Expenditures increased by $7M over previous year; Veteran Population increased by 1,408 over previous year.
  • Great work by the community in hiring and retaining veterans.
  • Health Care: $73.5M in patient care was outsourced to the community health network (outside the gate).
  • FR affiliated population remains strong with a slight increase to 68.4K Soldiers, Family Members, Civilians, Retirees, & Veterans.
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Fort Riley and Junction City

Spring Clean Up
Ft. Riley soldiers and families have been instrumental in our pursuit of Junction City downtown revitalization. Many of our soldiers, their families, and retires offer hours of volunteer service for downtown beautification. This includes “hanging of the greens” at Christmas on our light poles, weeding planters, and hanging flower baskets in the Spring.

May Day Clean Up

Downtown Celebrations
Our military are invited into our community and warmly welcomed. Join us in downtown Junction City for multiple celebrations. Freedom Fest, July 3-7, 2024, is about celebrating our freedom in America with active military, veterans, and first responders. Junction City Oktoberfest is new to our downtown and enjoyed by our military families. The Hammerschlagen contest was an exciting challenge and enjoyed by many. Be sure to Save The Date for Oktoberfest 2024 on October 4-5.

Oktoberfest Hammerschlagen

Oktoberfest posting of colors

COL McKannay Letter of Support

“I strongly support our community partner’s endeavor to revitalize the Junction City downtown district and strengthen economic development in the Flint Hills region. People are our top priority and over 2500 Fort Riley connected families call Junction City home. Resources that assist our community to transform parks and recreation facilities, recruit and retain businesses, and expand community development will have a positive impact on the quality of life for our soldiers, civilians, and their families.”

Read COL McKannay’s full letter of support
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