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Learn About Opportunities in  Junction City

Using the Main Street Four Point Approach, comprehensive revitalization begins.

Organization ensures broad community engagement.

Design helps foster accessible, people-centered public spaces.

Promotion supports the buy-local experience.

Economic Vitality cultivates a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Carnival rides

Through intentional experience-based economy and community life strategies exciting transformational changes are being orchestrated through Junction City Main Street. Junction City is a young, family-oriented, culturally diverse community in need of retail, restaurant, service and recreational variety, in a well-designed downtown environment, with programming for the young and the old, accomplished incrementally through community driven volunteer base.

Everyone Loves Main Street Leaders
Waters Building
Run For The Walls Motorcycle

Everyone loves JC Main Street – not just the nonprofit organization, but the place of JC Main Street… downtown Junction City. Our community has shown this love, this hope for a more vibrant downtown, this vision of transformation in so many ways: financial support, words of encouragement, sharing posts from Facebook, attending events, volunteering, offering in-kind services, decorating windows, picking up trash, planting and watering flowers, hanging banners, hosting events, and taking risks by purchasing buildings in much need of renovation and opening new businesses.

These people are the heroes of our ongoing story. They are the innovators, encouragers, difference makers, and believers.

You are invited to follow along, have a role, and watch our novel unfold page by page and chapter by chapter. Opportunities abound.

When the National and Kansas Main Street teams came for our Transformational Strategy Visit August 19-20, 2021, we learned of our many assets. We were also provided with several Transformational Strategy Opportunities. The overarching strategy for downtown Junction City was to be able to provide an experience-based economy and community life.

  • Without experiences, there is a lot we are competing with.
  • Without experiences, people will go out of town.
  • We need to add intentional emotional attachment to anything we have to offer.
  • The powerpoint presentation can be viewed for more detailed information.

We have a proud-base for a uniquely American experience: military heritage; melting pot; active lifestyles enjoying outdoor living with lakes, rivers, trails, and prairies for fishing, hunting, biking with motorcycles and bicycles, kayaking, horseback riding, swimming, boating, and hiking; law enforcement and military pride; and appreciation of arts to include opera, theater, music, art, and festivals.

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