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International Food Tour

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International Food Tour

International Food Tour

Organizational Structure

International Food Tour will operate under the umbrella of Junction City Main Street Taste of Culture.  The Food Tour will be an event within an event and happen alongside the first Main Street Market for the season. This event is intended to bring awareness to the several, culturally diverse, food options we have located right in the Flint Hills Region!

The International Food Tour will be located on the NE corner of 9th and Washington St, across from Key Office and Godfrey’s. There will also be other forms of entertainment, contests, and special events and activities throughout the Main Street Market season.

The mission of International Food Tour is to:

  • Serve as a place to enjoy diverse food cuisine and diets embracing the cultural heritage of our community.

Vendors are required to:

  1. Pre-register for the International Food Tour. Online registration is available at
  2. All vendors agree to provide free samples to participants with passports (amount will be verified one week prior to the event). Vendors will be provided small clear cups to place their samples in. Vendors are encouraged to sell additional items at full cost.
  3. Comply with KS Department of Agriculture Farmers Market Regulations and Food Safety Best Practices MF3138 Foods Sold Direct to Consumers in Kansas: Regulations and Food Safety Best Practices ( and Geary County Health Department public health directives
  4. Use hand sanitizer, gloves, and/or handwashing stations before and frequently during the event.
  5. Vendors are expected to be good ambassadors for the event. Use of tobacco, vaping, profane language, drugs, and alcohol consumption are not allowed. Socially acceptable behavior is expected. Selling techniques should be in good taste. Distracting or deterring customers from approaching another vendor’s stall is discouraged.
  6. Remain at the event until closing time to avoid safety hazards for customers and vendors. Exceptions will be kept to a minimum, should be discussed with and approved by the Events Coordinator, and will be assigned a space by the events coordinator to ensure safety in the event area.
  7. Bring their own tables, tents, chairs, and display items.  Vendors are strongly encouraged to decorate their booths with an appropriate cultural flare.
  8. Clean up their space and take any trash with them when they leave.
  9. Set their own prices but are strongly encouraged to remain competitive with other vendors.
  10. Communicate any questions, concerns, or constructive ideas to the Events Coordinator (
  1. The vendor map (or vendor communication) will be emailed to vendors by end of Friday, May 3.  Vendors will set up by the Events Coordinator. If there are any questions the vendor is responsible for contacting the Events Coordinator prior to set-up.
  2. Set-up may begin as early as 7:30 am on Saturday, May 4. Vendors should be set-up no later than 9:30 am.  Access to the location will be from Washington Street only for vendor set up and take down.
  3. Booths must be within the space allowed and as directed by the Events Coordinator.
  4. Each vendor should maintain their sales area in a neat, clean, and orderly condition. All products offered for sale should be displayed in a neat, clean and attractive manner.
  5. Each vendor is responsible for their own property and any damage or injury their property may cause at the market.
  6. Each vendor must pay the applicable Vendor Stall Deposit fee as follows:
    a. $50 to reserve a Vendor Stall. This deposit will be reimbursed to vendors upon completion of the event. Any vendor that withdraws from the event after Friday, April 19th, 2024 will not receive reimbursement.
  7. Each vendor will be given $100 by Junction City Main Street to offset cost of materials and production of the 200 samples.
  8. Vendor Stall Deposit fee may be paid by cash or cashier’s check or through the website by debit or credit .  Checks are made payable to Junction City Main Street with International Food Tour written in the memo.
  9. Department of Revenue and Sales Tax Collection
    a. Vendors applying for space in the market must have a Kansas States Sales Tax number prior to participating as a market vendor.
    b. The collection and submission of sales tax is the responsibility of each vendor selling produce or products in the event and Junction City Main Street is not responsible for any vendor’s failure to collect and submit sales to the Kansas Department of Revenue.
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