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Buy the Foot: Downtown Lights Fundraising Campaign

Join us as we light up our downtown!

Buy the Foot is an online fundraiser that encourages our community to be a part of adding lights along the tops of our buildings. Local company, Custom Holiday Lights, is working with our program to make this project come to light. We have calculated how many linear feet are needed to light up our whole district and are sectioning that into obtainable phases.

Phase 1: We are hoping to light up as much as we can of the East and West side of Washington Street, from 6th to 10th Street by the 28th Annual Christmas Parade and Lighting Ceremony on November 24th, 2023. To do so, our estimated overall cost is $100,000 broken down into $25 a linear foot.

Our ask: we would like to community to be a part of this by donating a few feet of lights. That can be one or two feet, or 25 feet+! Either way, our hope is that we all work together and contribute what we can; and to all take pride and truly feel like a part of our downtown.

Follow along with our progress on the Buy the Foot Banner located on the NW Corner of Heritage Park or tune in on our Facebook as we will post milestone updates!

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