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Water Safety and Junk in The Trunk with Main Street Market

It’s been a great first month for the Main Street Market, and we hope that you have enjoyed the market as much as we have! Saturday, May 27th will mark our fourth week of the Junction City Main Street Market and it’s not slowing down. The fourth Saturday also means it’s Junk in the Trunk! Every fourth Saturday of the Market (May 29, June 24, July 22, Aug. 26, Sept. 23, and Oct. 28) we host a Junk in The Trunk event on the 100th Block of E 8th Street. Sellers will be selling from the trunks of their vehicles to the sidewalks. As you stroll through downtown, stop by and see what treasures you might find, then pop by the market to discover the many talented vendors we have.

This week we have two non-profits that go above and beyond to better the community through activity and education. The Junction City Family YMCA will be here to share about the many activities that they offer to the Junction City youth, adults, seniors, and families from ages 0 to 99. From swimming and basketball to community events and an after-school food program, there is something for everyone.  Our second non-profit is UFM Community Learning Center located in Manhattan.

 They offer a variety of non-credit and credit courses to provide lifelong learning opportunities for everyone. Their course catalog boasts a wide variety of classes from Juggling and American Sign Language to Woodturning, and various fitness classes. Come by these great non-profit tents and get signed up for some great activities and classes.

Our micro event this week is focused on Water Safety. The Geary County Sherriff’s Office Dive Team will be joining us at the Market to share with the community a bit about what they do. Bring your kids out to try on the diver suits and get a photo with their boat. We are also thrilled to have two amazing food truck/tent vendors this week. Holy Smoking BBQ and German Kitchen will be at the market to serve some delicious grub, come buy a plate and have a seat!


In addition, we are bringing in a DUNK TANK! See dunk details below:

9:15-9:30: Jeff Underhill, State Representative
9:30-9:45: Jeff Underhill, State Representative
9:45-10:00: Jessica Hutton,
10:00-10:15: Pastor Pedro Amaro, Vertical Church DCFM
10:15-10:30: Matt Bea, City Commissioner
10:30-10:45: Matt Bea, City Commissioner
10:45-11:00: Brewel Currie, Evangelist
11:00-11:15: Caleb Edwards, Owner of Six on Sixth
11:15-11:30: Chris Hileman, Keeper of Te Fiti’s Heart
11:30-11:45: Tiana Hileman, Substitue Teacher USD 475
11:45-12:00: Nate Green, KSU Kinesiology Student
12:00-12:15: Madeline VandeRiet, KSU Theater Student
12:15-12:30: Nick Schulte, UMKC Dental Student
12:30-12:45. Kathy Tremont, County Treasurer, retired
12:45-1:00. Pending
1:00-1:15. CPT Dominique Hardy, 541st DSSB
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