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August Business of the Month

G. Thomas Jewelers

Junction City Main Street

Downtown Diamonds

Since 1963, G. Thomas Jewelers has served the community through the lasting memories of jewelry and heirlooms. On the corner of N Washington Street, community service is alive and well. It starts with a simple consultation for a watch band repair and blossoms into a lasting friendship. Meeting new faces and building relationships is part of G. Thomas’ mission, but a unique blend of individuality and the satisfaction of a job well done encompasses the experience of one worker in particular. Roxy Henry has managed our local G. Thomas Jewelers for the past few years under the ownership of Bobbi French. 

Fellowship of Jewelry

 Roxy enjoys video gaming, playing music and has a love for the fantasy genre (which can be deduced from her cat, Smaug, named after the dragon in The Hobbit). Roxy originally went to school for Communications and Theater, but decided to take time off to pursue different paths. Finding herself in a transitional point of her life, Roxy reached out to Bobbi and others at G. Thomas Jewelers. At such a pivotal point in her life, Roxy felt a calling to the community of Junction City. This community camaraderie is exemplified in each piece she works on at G. Thomas Jewelers, and her appreciation for the people here continues to grow. It’s so rare to find a workplace where you are inspired to be yourself, and this sense of agency truly helps you turn a job into a passion. 

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after” (J.R.R. Tolkien).

The Gold Standard

What makes Junction City’s own jewelry shop so enticing? How can the silver lining of this retail position ultimately overwhelm the day-to-day monotony of customer service? Well perhaps we could say that amidst all of the diamonds and jewels, Roxy has struck gold.

What It Means To Serve

One afternoon, a woman walked into G. Thomas Jewelers with a watch band that needed to be replaced. Many stores in many different communities could have looked at this as nothing more than a simple transaction and a moment to upsell a customer. Instead, Roxy sat and talked with her. She listened to the woman’s stories about her children and her heritage here in Junction City. A native of 55 years, she had made countless memories during her time with her family. She would continue to come back with family heirlooms and cherished stories, until one day she confided in Roxy about the woman’s late wishes. She wished to pass a few of her mother’s pieces on, but had only two sons. The woman entrusted something precious to Roxy- an heirloom that belonged to her mother. This love brought a new light to Roxy’s appreciation of her job and her community.

What Lasts

G. Thomas Jewelers oozes individuality and embraces difference. Afterall, a store must emulate its community to truly embrace it, and everyone has a story to tell. A woman’s jewelry has lived with her- her heirlooms long before. They too, have stories to tell. Roxy is not simply a retail worker. Roxy is someone’s connection to the love felt in each piece of luxury, and she is a catalyst for the memories held and the stories yet to tell.

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