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July Business of the Month

Godfrey’s Indoor Ranges and Tactical Supply
Junction City Main Street
Lincoln Elementary Students

The Heart of a Bluejay

Todd Godfrey returned to Junction City and accepted a position in the police department after resigning from his position at a prison in Norton, Kansas, where he left as a First Sergeant. Getting back to his roots here in Junction City was the only focus in the winter of 98’. Once life began anew, Todd began his hustle that would propel his entrepreneurial escapades into the flourishing businesses you can find right in the heart of Downtown Junction City.


Taking Flight

You may have heard of a little construction company set up in 2002 named Five-O Construction. While this was not the finished image for the thriving business operating today, it was on this foundation that Godfrey’s Construction and Renovation took Junction City by storm. Todd’s eye for untapped markets rocketed his scaling successes in the booming housing market in the early 2000s. Learning and mastering techniques for metal roofing, flooring, painting, concrete, and sheetrock paired with networking skills created opportunities within local businesses and homes today. 

Everybody Eats

Todd has worked and provided while living and operating by a particular ethical code. It is the way he has set up business since Five-O Construction all those years ago. This line of work is not about becoming a one-man empire built on the backs of the men and women of this town. Godfrey’s Indoor Ranges and Tactical Supply, Tanzillo’s Barber Shop, Patriot Tattoo Company, and Godfrey’s Construction and Renovation have provided livelihood, service and comfort for so many living in Junction City. Everyone is invited to the table to feast, and everyone eats.

Trust the Plan

Todd’s vision is one of community. Those that come to the table are provided the opportunity to hustle their businesses.

 “Our plan is laid out, [and it] becomes clear why we cross paths with those people.” To see success at the ground level of a business, one must trust that the path ahead is paved in sweat and hustle. 

Dream Big

The path laid out ahead of those that have worked with and for Todd is built on a shared dream. A dream that involves everyone capitalizing on their strengths. Todd doesn’t run an authoritarian factory with easily replaceable cogs in a machine. Every person working for Todd has a specialized skill set with unique hopes and dreams, each bringing a homemade dish to the table. Todd provides the facilities and tools necessary, and each employee hustles to create a truly unique dish for the feast. 

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